My Story

I only joined scentsy to help Steph West out so she could promote that was all. I didn't even really know what it was just that it would help her and was only $139.00. So I joined then I made shooting star and got orders from family and friends. For months I only sold to family and the odd friend that came over and saw and smelt my house lol. Then I lost my truck driving job so I started to do some markets and start advertising. At my second market a lovely lady called Aimee McCormick came up to me she couldn't afford a warmer at full price for her daughter so I sold it to her for half price. She said she have a party. I didn't hold my breath lol. She had her party my first ever one did awesome and Aimee also joined my team. That was the start of it. Then I got Tamara Wilson from New Zealand and it just snowballed from there. I now have a awesome team of 59 members and 21 directly under me. But I wouldn't be where I am with out Steph for getting me into it. And all of my team direct under me and your down lines. It's thanks to you all that I am now a Director consultant. Aimee and Tamara where my first in wa and my first in NZ so they are super special lol. Your first is always a awesome feeling. And trust me it just takes a life of its own. I also last month came in 6 in the world in sales out of every country and consultant over 100,000 world wide. Plus came in 3rd in Australia. I just love scentsy I started in August last year but only been pushing since February this year. And I love every single team member I have. You are all family and I wouldn't be here with out you all and also my lovely customers too. Can't forget you guys I've also since earned a Cruze to Mexico and SFR 2016 and also just made a FREE week in 5 star in Singapore 🐲 plus a few more. I'm always looking to add to the family   The Sexy Scent Bombs    let me know always looking for more family 😏  Ann 0409 371 306